Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Watching old cartoons online

Since we don't have cable, we are constantly looking for websites that have good wholesome cartoons for the kids to watch for free. There are many different websites one can try out.  Here are a few of our favorites.

My kids love Tom and Jerry.  As we were looking for some old episodes we came across Kids Warner Brothers Cartoons.  In order to find the videos simply click on the video tab at the top of the screen.  Some of our favorites from this site are Tom and Jerry, Jetsons, Flinstones, etc...

Toon Jet is another site for old classic cartoons.  They promote that you have to sign up for free, but you really don't.  The link I provided goes right to one of the cartoons.  The only thing you might want to be on the look out for are the commercials.  We just minimize the screen while the little commercial blurb goes up.

Last but not least, try a simple video search for "watch old cartoons online"on Yahoo.   I was surprised at how many good ol' cartoons came up!