Monday, August 19, 2013

Guest Room REVEAL!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we are finally done! Can you believe it?! Thank you so much for all your suggestions and input about a color choice from our inspiration photos. I think we could have decorated several rooms with all the great ideas that were shared!

Are you ready??  {Drum roll, please!}

Here is how the room looked BEFORE...

and .... AFTER! 

I absolutely LOVE it! 

We feel we were able to catch the calm beachy vibe without it appearing nautical. What do you think?

I am thrilled with the furniture and headboard we were able to build and stain specifically for the room. They really were not difficult to build.  Each piece has simple clean lines for a modern contemporary feel.

This was the photo inspiration that we settled upon. There is huge sentimental value in this Brazilian painting of fishing boats.  So, we wanted to select a color from the painting to be the color to paint the walls. 

We entered this photo into My Colortopia 's My Image Inspiration tool and began looking at their color suggestions. Our favorite was Antique Silver. My Colortopia did a great job selecting the colors from the painting. I also found it interesting that many of you noticed and recommended many of the same colors My Colortopia came up with!

I love the fact that in different lighting the color takes on different hues.  Sometimes it looks very grey, other times it has a rich blue tone.  Ah, the beauty of paint!

Glidden does an excellent job at providing a much more manageable color pallet.  There are not hundreds of colors to overwhelm you in your decision.  I could have lived with any of the colors they recommended.  We also found that the Glidden paint was GREAT to use.  We would definitely recommend their high-end selection which is paint and primer in one.

There she is... the inspiration photo in her new environment!  Now, onto more reveal photos...

Nothing says, "fun at the beach" quite like this photo.  Too bad we can't just jump in there ourselves.  Now that would make for a perfect guest retreat!

When we were accessorizing our room, I found another painting.  It sat in my parent's home and turned out to be a perfect fit for the guest room.  The new painting also brought in the wonderful burnt yellow color which was in the original painting.

Adding the burnt yellow to our color scheme was the perfect way to give our somewhat neutral palette a little burst of color.

We added some blinds, a ceiling fan and some curtains.  We did not want to do anything to inhibit the ample amount of natural window light in the room.  So, we settled on these very light and airy curtains.  They dramatically soften the mood and feel of our guest retreat.

So, there you have it!  Thank you everyone for your wonderful help.  You made my color decision easy.  Thank you also to Glidden for making this remodel possible.

Coming through North Texas anytime soon?  Come be our guests!
Wanting to see some more Glidden Paint inspirations?  Check out their Pinterest page.