Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Going Places" Back to School Party {Free Printables}

My kids are so excited to go back to school.  Why not harness that energy and celebrate learning with a back to school party!?  Here is a fun party theme idea called "Going Places."

When I was a child, back-to-school was one of my favorite times of the year.  I loved getting new school supplies.  For me the thrill was in organizing the supplies and imagining how they would be put to practical use throughout the school year.  Yep, I was an organization freak and DIY'er even as a school kid.

For our back to school theme this year, we are celebrating "Going Places".  My hope is to subtly reinforce the importance of reading and learning. Though they have glimpses, my children are only beginning to grasp how much there is to learn out there.  I thought this quote was perfect for our theme.  So, I made a graphic of it.  You may download the Dr. Seuss Chalkboard Printable here.

I used an old road atlas to create the decor for the party such as these silverware holders.  Just grab an old atlas and rip out a page.  Begin with a 7" x 8 1/2" rectangle.  Fold in the sides about 2".  Make sure one side overlaps the other. Then fold the buttom up 3".  The result should be a nice little pocket for the silverware.  For the finishing touch, tie a bow with jute.

We also had fun creating these little eraser place holders.  Take an eraser and use a hobby knife to cut a shallow slit across the length of the top.  Then, slide in the name tag.  Easy!  Download the name tag template and Back to School sign here.

To get full use of our old atlas, we created this fun pinwheel garland.

And, a few more pinwheels!

So there you have it!  May you and your kids have a GREAT back-to-school this year!

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