Friday, August 9, 2013

Dog-Gone Easy Dog Toy

Dogs can have fun with almost anything.  So can kids for that matter.  Here is a fun dog toy for kids to make from their own t-shirts!

We have come to the end of summer vacation.  Today is our last Summer Fun {Kid's Edition} project.  It has been a lot of fun creating memories with the kids this summer.

Dog-gone Easy Dog Toy

This project is so quick and easy you could complete it in about 5 minutes.  You can make 4-5 toys with 3 different t-shirts, or you could make 1-2 toys with just one t-shirt.

1.  Since there are three kids in our family, I had each of them grab an old t-shirt that either didn't fit them any more or that had stains on it.  In their language, "One of those shirts I always tell you to take off and change for a nicer looking shirt."  They knew immediately which ones to grab.  

2.  If your kids are old enough to cut fabric, have them cut off the bottom of the shirt just above the hem line.  Toss that, or give it to your kids to play with.

3.  Now, cut a 2" strip from the bottom of the t-shirt.  Cut the strip so that it is one long piece and not a circle.

4.  Repeat steps two and three with the other two shirts.

5.  Now take the three strips and tie them together with a knot at the top of the strands.  Leave about a 3" tail at the top.  

6.  Have one kid hold the strands and have another one begin to braid them.  Stop at about 5" from the bottom.  Tie another knot to secure the braid. 

7.  Trim the tails so they are even.  You're done!!

Have fun!!

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