Friday, July 12, 2013

Fun Photo Bookmarks

Fun photo bookmarks to use or to give as gifts.  The best part about making these bookmarks was posing for the photo shoot. :)  

Even though summer is almost half over, there are still plenty of days to get in all that summer reading. Here is a fun idea to keep kids motivated to keep up the good work.  These bookmarks are super fun to create and don't take a lot of supplies to make.

Start out with a relaxed photo shoot.  Grab your camera or camera phone and have the kids pretend that they are climbing or hanging from a rope.  Make sure to get their whole body for the best effect and encourage them to be dramatic!

Once a perfect pose has been settled on, print out the pictures.  If you have access to contact paper, I recommend laminating them before you cut them out. Now, on to the next step - the tassel.  Here is how to make your own...

DIY Tassel


- Embroidery floss
- Large needle
- Piece of cardboard 2" x 5"
- Scissors

First, take the piece of cardboard and fold it so that it is now 2" by 2 1/2".  Begin wrapping the embroidery floss around the height of the cardboard.  I wrapped mine about 20 times.  Next slip the scissors through the open part of the folded cardboard and cut the floss.  

Slip off the floss carefully and lay it out flat.  There should be about 20 pieces of  2 1/2" string.  Take a second piece of embroidery floss about 14" long.  Tie one end of the 14" piece around the center of the 2 1/2" group, creating a center fold.  Leave one end about 10" long and the smaller end about 4" long.  Tie it a second time to make sure it is secure.  

Now take the longer end of the 14" piece.  Stretch it up and then loop it back down to the tassel.  Tie a little knot at the top of the tassel.  Tie a second time to make sure it is secure.  

Take the smaller end of the 14" piece and wrap it around the tassel creating a head.  Tie securely two times.  Then take the needle and slip the end down through the wrapped around part to slip right in with the rest of the tassel.

To finish the bookmark, poke a hole with a large needle through the hands.  Finally, loop the tassel through the hole.   

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