About Me

Welcome to Redfly Creations!  My name is Melissa and I live in the Dallas, Texas area.  There are ALWAYS ideas going around in my head.  I love to make everything more organized, more practical  and more beautiful.  All for little to no money.  Join me and lets create together.

When Creativity Became a Necessity

My DIY habit became a need several years ago when my husband's ministry caused us to travel non-stop (until my husband became disabled; more on that in a moment).  We would be in a new town and state every few months. We could not take anything with us except our clothes and a few belongings.  So, I had to completely furnish a house or apartment for 3 months and then do it all over again at the next place.  How did we do it?  Well, at each new stop we would check out the local thrift stores to buy the basics.  Then, we would reupholster, sand, varnish, and spray paint.  All the items were given new life.  When we left a town we would have a garage sale which usually doubled our money for the next place.

Why the name "Redfly"?

That's a funny story.  I'll have to share it with you sometime.

The Major Life Change

About 3 years ago we were in a home in Ohio where there was a furnace leak that caused Carbon Monoxide to invade our home.  I had migraines, the kids were vomiting, and my husband was having many curious symptoms.  Thankfully the leak was small, but unfortunately several winter months passed by until we discovered what the issue was.  Praise the Lord, our three wonderful kids all completely recovered - I did as well.  Unfortunately, my husband was left with severe brain damage causing parkinson's like movements, and disfunction of most normal bodily systems.  In short, he now has the energy of a 70 year old and the mind similar to one who is autistic.  One of our favorite quotes is "When God changes the winds, adjust the sails."  You know, the harder life gets - the more precious God becomes.  For more about our story click here.

Today, God has providentially allowed us to move near family in the Dallas, TX area.  Here we have a new home (where we plan to stay put for a while).  So, I get to take my time decorating!  We are still doing so on a budget though.  You can check in on the progress.  Scattered throughout the blog you will find progress on the living room, library, and even the laundry room.

The Little Inspirations

Our three little kiddos keep life interesting!  I am so proud of their tender hearts and the fine souls God is growing them to be.  It is all about God and family.

Well, I hope that you find many creations that are a help and a blessing to you.  Let me know if there is anything I may do for you!

May God richly bless you,

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  1. Hey Melissa, I just came to visit your blog, and I read your story.
    I truly appreciate that you've shared about your life.
    I'm sure it's not always easy; but thank the Lord, that you have the Lord!

  2. Hi Melissa, We came across your cute blog and also read your story! So very touching! Our prayers are with you and your sweet family. You have a beautiful family. Sending love your way! -The Six Sisters
    (And your recipes look amazing!)

  3. I was led to your blog via Pinterest, and I'm so glad that I was! I can't wait to see what else you publish. By the way, I just moved to the Dallas area, too!

  4. Love these! Thank you for sharing at Party In Polka Dots!


  5. Just found your site and read your story. Best news is you have a relationship with our Lord! My husband has Parkinson's and stage 4 cancer. Life can be hard but we never journey alone. I love to sew ,craft and spend most of my spare time sewing for missions. Love so many of your ideas.

    1. Thank you Irene, for the sweet note. Wow! You guys are going through a lot right now! Yes, I completely agree, the best thing is our relationship with Christ. We can have the correct perspective when we keep our eyes on Christ. Thank you again for dropping me a note!
      -your sister in Christ, Melissa

  6. Dear Mrs. Whitcher, Thank you for your blog and your notes. You help calm a stormy sea, lessen the tempest that sometimes whirls about us, give insight to realize that with focus, effort, and, dare I say, prayer, we will overcome life's difficulties and obstacles. If you would, please review your post above where you say, "When God changes the winds, adjust the sales." Perhaps you meant "sails"?

    Many thanks again for standing strong and doing the right things.

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