Monday, May 6, 2013

My Kitchen Makeover Plan {With the Help of the Home Depot}

My next major project is to re-do the kitchen.  From the day we moved into our new home (a year and half ago) I knew that I wanted to remodel this room where I spend much of my time.  Here is what my kitchen looks like now...

There are several ideas floating through my head of how to make it look much better.  I would like to paint the cabinets white and add hardware to them.  I also plan to resurface the counter tops.  Finally, it would be great to have tile on the backsplash.   Did I mention that I need to do all of this on a tight budget?  Thankfully, I can do it and Home Depot can help!  :)  Really, I don't think I would ever attempt this DIY project if it were not for the expertise of the helpful people at my go-to home improvement store.  Here is a video showing ways that Home Depot can help:


  1. Hi Melissa, oh, my kitchen is unfortunately really ugly and needs to be redone, too....


  2. We did our kitchen a few years ago and it's so much more enjoyable to be in when you love how it looks. :)

  3. What fun plans!! I love The Home Depot too!!!


  4. I love your plans, your kitchens gonna look fabulous!! HD is great!

  5. This is a very interestingly designed kitchen. I would like to put a similar layout for my wife. I would like to know where did you buy it and how much did it cost? I recently read reviews on and I think they are doing something similar. If you don't mind, then I would be very interested to know if you involved professional designers to design such a kitchen. I like this counter between the kitchen and the room, it gives a bit of a bar vibe.