Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Homemade Refrigerator Dill Pickles

My youngest is just figuring out how much he loves pickles.  He can't wait for the last month of school when the PTO begins selling large pickles on Fridays.  When our neighbor lady gave us a box full of small cucumbers, I knew exactly what to make.  Homemade dill pickles!! After some looking around I found a recipe that looked tasty and easy at Living Locurto.  I altered the recipe a little bit as hers was a little too salty for us.

Homemade Refrigerator Dill Pickles

6 1-quart canning jars
2 quarts water
1 quart white vinegar
1/2 cup pickling salt

About 20 cucumbers- little ones that are good for pickling.
4-6 Cloves of Garlic chopped
1 Onion chopped
Fresh dill
Ball pickle crisp 1/8 tsp per jar


Make sure your jars are very clean.  I always like to run mine through the dishwasher first.  Wash your cucumbers as well.  Pour the water, vinegar and pickling salt into a 2 quart pan and heat on the stove until barely boiling.  While the liquids are boiling, chop up the garlic and onion.  Divide the garlic and onion equally among the six jars.  Throw a twig of dill in as well.  Fill the jar as full as you can with the cucumbers.  As soon as the brine - the boiled water, vinegar and salt- comes to a boil, pour it over the top of the cucumbers covering them completely.  Close with the lids and set in the refrigerator for 2 months to pickle before opening.


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