Friday, February 22, 2013

Pot Holder Emergency Kit

With three kids I often find that I have run out of important items right when there is an emergency.  Carter falls and skins his knee.  I reach into my purse for that one bandaid that I am sure is still there...and it's not.  We're in church and one of the kids starts coughing, and coughing.  I reach into my purse for a cough drop.  Oh, yeah, I gave that last cough drop to someone else last week.  On and on the list could go.   

What's the solution?  A nifty emergency kit.  The neat thing about this emergency kit is that it is made from one pot holder and zip lock bags.  You can leave it just at that (as you can see from this pinterest post)...but I had to add a little "something, something" to mine.  I wanted it to "look" like it was ready for an emergency!  

Supply List:

One pot holder.  (If it has a little loop on one end, that is even better.)
One button
One 2"x5" piece of red fabric (or if you would prefer not to sew, then felt)
One 3"x3" piece or white or cream fabric (or felt)
Six to eight snack size zip lock baggies

First you are going to fold the red piece of fabric in half long ways.  It should look like a long red tube.  Sew a 1/4" seam all the way up the long edge.  Turn inside out.  Now cut the tube in half so that you have two piece that are approximately 1 1/2" x 2 1/2".  

Now take your white/cream piece and iron all the edges so that they are all turned under 1/8".

Secure the cross on the white fabric.  

Sew completely around the cross.  Make sure not to get the white turned under edges in the stitch.

Now center the white square on the side of the potholder that does not have the loop.  Stitch it to the outside of the potholder.

The pockets inside the kit are made from ziplock baggies.  Take your first ziplock baggie, center it on the left side of the inside of the potholder.  The top of the bag should be facing the outside of the potholder, and the bottom of the bag should be slightly overlapping the center of the potholder.  Tape it to the potholder a little distance from where you will be sewing the center seam.  You don't want to sew over the tape.  Now take your second zip lock bag and center it over the right side of the potholder.  The bottoms of the bags should be over lapping each other.  Tape that bag secure.  Keep alternating the baggies until you have all eight of them taped in place.

Take your potholder to the sewing machine and sew a seam down the center using a zig zag stitch.  Remove the tape gently from the baggies.

In order to know where to sew on the button, fold the pot holder and pull the loop over.  Center the button appropriately on the inside of the potholder.  Make sure to sew it securely.

Now the fun part:  fill the baggies!

Here are some ideas:

Hand sanitizer
Cough drops
Epi pen
Hair ties
....and the list could go on.

Drop the emergency kit in your purse, diaper bag, or pocket of the backseat of your car and you will be prepared for that next emergency!  

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