Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Coaster Tray

"Cup confusion" is what I call it.  This is when a family member sets down their partially drank glass of water with the intention of finishing it later.  Of course, they don't remember so they grab a clean glass the next time they're thirsty.  Next thing you know, there are cups and glasses everywhere throughout the house...and no one knows which one is theirs!  *sigh*

We've tried several ways to fix this.  Color coded cups, coasters, and "special places," just to name a few.   All of these worked for a little while, but soon problems arose.  Thanks to this pin on pinterest, I think we finally found our solution!  We call it our coaster tray. 

Now each family member has a special place to set their own cup.  Their coaster is initialed so that there is no confusion.  Also, the coasters are affixed to the tray so that they are always in one place!  Plus, the tray means that there are no more coasters ever sticking to the bottom of a glass.  It's doesn't hurt that it is pretty to look at too!

So here is how we made it.  We started by picking out ceramic tiles for the coasters.  They were each about $.30 at Lowes.  Next, we cut a board 4 inches wide (the tiles were 3.75 inch squared).  The length of the board was cut just long enough to house our 5 coasters.

Next were the initials, which were very easy to apply.  We used a stencil and paint from Martha Stewart Crafts.  The stencils were sticky so we didn't need to use tape to secure them.  After they were situated where we wanted them, we gently dabbed the paint over the stencil.  

We sealed the wood and
the painted tiles with Kamar Varnish
It dries in just 15 minutes!
We covered the screw heads on the
bottom with little felt pads.
After staining the board, we sealed both the wood and painted tiles with a spray varnish.  We affixed the tiles to the board with silicon.  Finally came the handles and we were done.

So, there you have it.  A simple and beautiful solution to a potentially very frustrating problem!  :0)

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  1. this is brilliant!

    1. Thank you Tina. I love it. Your handy hubby could make you one in no time----that is when he finds the time. :0)

  2. Thank you for linking up with me for Show and Tell Saturday at Sassy Little Lady! Be sure to stop by next week!

  3. Love this idea and you made them look really great!!

  4. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. I love the 'red' initials. Hope this works well for you. Smiles :-)

  5. what a creative idea for the glasses. we have that problem in our house too!

  6. You're a genius!! So glad I came over to blog stalk you :) This is such a great idea! Must pin!!

    P.S. Love your blog design!!

  7. Oh my Gosh! This is so beautiful! Thank you for the inspiration!