Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Christmas Decor 2012 - Navy and Neutrals

Have you ever seen a picture and loved it so much you decided to make it a theme?  A while ago I came across a picture on pinterest of a dining room with chairs covered in a beautiful white fabric and velvety blue ribbon tied on the back of them.  In the center of the ribbon were a few pinecones and a greenery.  I loved the look so much I decided to make that my theme for this Christmas.  So, here is our dinning room buffet decorated with navy and neutrals...

This burlap runner was so fun to make.  It basically is 2" strips woven together and secured with hot glue.

Remember my twine vase I made for the Fall Mantel?  Well, here it is again in a tree shape.  I love the twine I found at the dollar store.  Three large rolls for $1!

You can print out a variety of these navy prints here.

Candle snow ball, that is about all the snow we get around here.   :0)

I love the natural and fresh feel of lemons.

Gotta have the jingle bells!  They look great in the $2 DIY glass huricane.

There she is, the entire view.  Sometime soon I'll share how we remade this old beauty (Update here); but for now we'll just enjoy the Christmas decor.

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  1. What a beautiful display you have - so inspiring and I love that it isn't red and green. Such a fresh look!

  2. This is a beautiful display! Love the fresh, crisp look of the navy. I haven't seen much of it this season and it's beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration for the burlap runner too!
    Jessica @ A Humble Creation

  3. your hutch looks great. i just did a tablescape with pinecones and clementines, so i can totally appreciate the "freshness" with the lemons. happy holidays!

  4. Love it! Must admit though, I was admiring the hutch as much as the decor. Can't wait for the tutorial; I rescued a hutch at a garage sale several years ago, and I have never been brave enough to refinish it. Maybe a tutorial from Redfly will be just the motivation I need! :-)

  5. Thanks for encouragement. Here is the post just for you!: http://www.redflycreations.com/2013/01/the-craigslist-hutch-makeover.html

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