Saturday, December 15, 2012

Awesome Gift Wraps and Free Printable Tags

Years ago when I was growing up in Brazil, there was a special store that I loved to go to.  It was special because they wrapped every purchase that you made in beautiful red paper.  What a simple way to make a purchase or gift extraordinary!

Here are some of my favorite package wrapping ideas and resources:

Nashville Wraps shares how you can use black paper and a chalk pen to give your present a cool twist. 

Kasasa turns ordinary brown paper into extraordinary holiday wrap with a simple white snowflake stencil.

For all the "littles" in our life.  Hours of fun can be had with these balloons!  You could do the same idea with a handful of candy canes....

I thought these little boxes, by Duitang, were so sweet.  They are the perfect thing for little gifts.

Check out these 20 Free Gift Tags!  Basically a style for anyone.

 Brown craft paper with monograms made from Scrapbooking paper- a quick and easy idea from Francine Clouden

How about these cuties?  They can add fun to any package! BHG

Here are a couple of labels for the items you have seen here at Redfly Creations.  You can print them out at the following:  Amish Bread.  Strawberry Jam and Homemade Granola Bars.

By the way ... if you missed these wonderful recipes, you may check them out here:

I have always thought wrapping a package with the comic pages was fun.  Design from CA also shows us how to wrap with maps, crossword puzzles, etc.

How cute is this?  I'm sure this little cutie will know exactly which present is hers!  Shared from Create Craft Love.

Bows make a perfect finish to a beautiful present.  Wish you knew how to tie beautiful bows?  How to Tie Bows has a list of instructions for all kinds of them.  

Happy Wrapping!!

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  1. Very cute wrapping finds! Love some of these ideas! I am visiting from The Girl Creative!


  2. I'm always looking for a cute way to wrap up gifts. Thanks for sharing! I love the simple white gifts with red bows! Merry Christmas!

  3. This can be used to combined with other ornaments and embellishments to create a whole new stylish look. Keep in mind that gifts should be neatly wrapped to give it a clean, professional look with happy feel. Happy gift wrapping!

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