Friday, October 12, 2012

Turn an Old Flannel Shirt into a Pumpkin!

Have you noticed?  Flannel is everywhere this fall.   Flannel, leather, sweaters and burlap.  In getting in with the season, I thought what better way to combine the fruits of the season with the fabrics of the season than to make a flannel pumpkin!

It really wasn't very difficult to make.

1.  Start off with an old flannel shirt (or about 1/4 yard of flannel fabric).  I ended up cutting out the back of the shirt and making the complete pumpkin with only that piece.

2.  Go here and download the pattern pieces for the pumpkin.

3.  Sew the 10 pieces of the pumpkin together......making a circle of sorts.  *Ooops, there is one more piece you need .... a half dollar size circle for the bottom of the pumpkin.*  Cut the circle out of the flannel as well.  Sew the circle to the hole at the bottom of the pumpkin.  (Remember that you always sew right sides together.) 

4.  Next cut out the stem pieces (a total of 3 pieces) from the flannel or scrap brown fabric.
Sew the two larger pieces together ---sewing only the two sides.  Do not sew the top or bottom closed.  Now sew on the top of the stem.  Your pieces should still be inside out.  This round piece I stitched on by hand because it was simpler for me.  Now sew the stem to the pumpkin top with an invisible stitch.  

5.  Cut out the leaves from felt.  Use whatever fall colors match your pumpkin best.  Twist up a piece of brown pipe cleaner to make the stem.  Stitch the leaves and pipe cleaner onto the the pumpkin.

6.  Sit back and enjoy your work!!  Happy Fall!!!

Note:  The verses are also available as free printables on my fall decor post.

Many more great ideas to come!

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