Sunday, June 3, 2012

Great Educational Websites for Kids

Our kids always enjoy the time they get to play games on the computer.  What better than to have them actually learn something as they play?  Here are some great websites that I have found for our kids. 

National Geographic Kids

At this site the kids can watch videos, play games, and learn all kinds of interesting facts about animals.  It is pretty easy for them to navigate on their own, unless they can't read.

Nasa Kids Club

Like Elmo, or Buzz Light year?  This site has some fun games to play with either of those characters and teaches your child about space at the same time.

Brain Pop

This site is another one that is for the older child.  There are many activities, games, and challenges in almost all subject matters.  It seems like it is just filled with fun information.


This site can be both for the young and older child.  The younger child would need some parental supervision.  The fun in this site, I think, are the science experiments that you can watch.  There are also many other games, trivia, etc...

How Stuff Works

Have a curious child in your midst?  This site is great for that child that always wants to know "what about this mommy?  How does this work? Where does this come from?"  Sick him/her on this website and maybe he/she can begin to have the answers to all those questions!  (I would advise some parental guidance with this website).

America's Library

I have always loved Historical fiction books.  I was excited to see this site, as it introduces our children to many of the amazing americans in our history.  You can also, jump back in time, explore the states, learn about some of our traditions, and hear and sing some of our favorite music.  Lots of fun for all!


Curious about the world, people, and cultures?  This site gives all kinds of fun information about many different countries and peoples.


This was one of our absolutely favorite sites for many years.  It was great fun for our kids as they were beginning and practicing reading.  It has many fun activities, stories to read, and fun games to play.  Starfall is very easy for your child to navigate on their own.

ABC ya

This is actually a new site for me.  Many have already heard of it, but I hadn't.  It is similar to Starfall in that it covers all subject matters.  It is also full of games and activities that your children will love.

Discovery Kids

Discovery Kids is a great site for solving puzzles, learning new facts, and watching science experiments.  There is also a section called "Tell Me" that is super fun for kids to visit.

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