Thursday, June 7, 2012

Great Father's Day Ideas

I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am that my children have a wonderful father!  We love celebrating him on Father's Day.  Here are some neat party ideas that I came across while looking for some new and fun ways to celebrate.  Check them out!!

bakerella hamburger

Cupcake Burgers and cookie fries. Bakerella shows you how to make these delicious burgers and fries and even provides the printables for you to download.  The kiddos would have a blast making these!

Got a golf-loving dad?  Here's a fun party I'm sure he'd love from the.... Party Wagon

Check out this party at Grey Grey Designs.  What fun you could have putting this one together!

As you can see, this is actually for a birthday party.  I don't think it would be too hard to change things around a little and have a great Father's day party for your Cowboy.  Wants and Wishes Designs

The daddy in your house not really into themes?  Here is a neat Masculine Dessert table perfect for any chocolate lover!  Rubyju

Green Toy Soldier Party Invitation
I couldn't resist adding this to the list, especially since many kids may just be getting their daddies home in time for Father's day.  This is also a birthday party (actually for a child) but it has some really neat ideas that could easily be incorporated for a fun Father's day celebration for the Hero in your kids lives. The Opened Envelope

Here's what we did last year.  Amanda has some free printables that you can use.  Sooo cute!!

Amanda Parker and Family

Happy planning, and Happy Father's Day to all our great Dads!


  1. You've got some wonderful Father's day inspiration! Wanted to stop by and let you know I appreciated you stopping by and letting me know you liked my two toned charmer buffet! Have a great time celebrated with your family.

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