Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week- Friday & Cake stand Tutorial

Well, the last day of teacher appreciation is tomorrow.  Friday is parent/student choice.  
We decided on cupcakes!

Red velvet with buttercream frosting!!! Mmm, mmmm good!!

 Teacher #1

Teacher #2

Teacher #3

 We also made these cute little cupcake stands to give right along with the cupcakes.

They were very simple and cheap to make!


Glass candle stick from dollar tree $1.00.  Glass plate from Garden Ridge $1.50.  Glue ---the best kind for glass the Amazing E-6000---actually just borrowed it from my mom, because she had gotten it for something else and hadn't worked.  So a few squirts----free.

Glue the candle stick on with the plate upside down, that way you can find the center better.  I also purchased a few other candle sticks that were a little different from walmart and made a couple for me too.  Use your imagination with the candle sticks and plates.  Many combinations can work!

P.S. Glue bottle says let dry 24-72 hours.  24 hours worked fine for us.



  1. Love how fun, easy and cheap this is! I used the same technique to make fake apothecary jars and it worked great!

  2. They look so good! I am sure the teachers loved them and felt so special! Angie xo