Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer of Fun - ideas and printables

Looking for ideas to keep the kids busy this Summer?  I know I am.  My kids love to use their imaginations and play, but every once in a while they need a little "structure".  Here are some great ideas I came upon that we will be using, and maybe they will be of some help to you too!

This one is my favorite!  Especially because Plucky Momo lays it all out for you.  You can change up the activities if you'd like, or just do the ones she has suggested.

I've seen these Sponge Bombs and always thought they would be lot of fun for the kidos.  We're going to have to try them out this year.

Water Bombs 032

Love to be out in Nature?  Well, here's a great idea for all those nature walks.

I used to love making tin can still when I was a young girl.  They brought hours of fun.  Here's a cute little twist:  Paint little elephant toes on them....

We love to write stories around here.  My kids are always coming up with some new writing club.  The other day I ran across this blog that had these wonderful, beautiful, summer prompts for journaling.

What better way to start out the summer than to make these cute Washi Tape Summer journals by Ginger Snap Crafts? Definitely doing this one.

summer journals

Watch out summer, here we come!!!