Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spiral T-shirt Scarf

Scarves are so much fun and so versatile.  

Here is a simple one you can make with no sewing, only cutting!

(Thanks Britt, for being my model!  XOX  )

Here is a little drawing with picture instructions.

1.  Take your T-shirt (I like to buy the largest size I can find).  Trace as many circles as you can onto the T-shirt.  I used a dinner plate to trace my circles.  You should have double the circles as drawings because you have cut both the front and back of the T-shirt at the same time.

2.  Take each circle, starting at the outside like the drawing shows cut a spiral about 2" wide all around the circle.  

3.  Then take the long strip you have now and pull or stretch it to make it begin to curl.  Stretch, stretch, stretch until it looks like a curly string.

4. Now place all your strands together.  I was able to make two scarves, one for me and one for Brittany, with the X-large shirt that I bought.  Each scarf should probably consist of at least 5 circles.  Take the last strip and wrap it around the center of the strips.  This will keep them all together.  I left a little hanging down on each side of the wrap, and only wrapped it about 2 times, so that it didn't become to bulky.

Enjoy your new scarf!