Monday, April 16, 2012

Garage Sale Finds

The garage sale weekend is over!  It was kind of neat to live in a subdivision that has their garage sales all at the same time.  I enjoyed going around and looking the first day.  Here are some of my treasures:

I believe this is for a cheese ball.  At least that is what my mother always used it for.  I may come up with some other uses for it though.  Right now it is gracing one of our library shelves.
Cost:  $2.50

 These two stackable end tables I picked up for $2 each.  I'm sure we'll end up painting them.  But for now, they are ok.  I like the curves on the sides of the table- makes them unique.

We stopped by one garage sale where a lady had refinished a lot of her furniture.  Not much of it was selling, but it was quite nice.  When I mentioned that I enjoyed doing the same thing, she told me of a thrift store that she goes to and finds quality furniture that needs some work for a good price.  We stopped by on the way home and picked up two of these chairs for our little "library".  They were very comfortable, and yes, need a little work, but they should look really nice when we are done.

Cost: 9.99 each

I have always loved these little glass milk jugs.  This one I just couldn't pass up as it only was .50.  One more item for our library shelves...  And just in case you're wondering, no, our library doesn't look like a kitchen display.  :0)  As soon as we are done with the library, I'll make sure I post some pictures.

FYI.....  the kids also had a great time at the garage sale.  Tyler was able to sell his end table to the neighbor lady for $18.38 (I guess he owed daddy 2.38 for some extra wood or something and wanted to make at least 16.00 himself).  The neighbor lady then asked him when he would make her another one.  "Next year!"  is what he immediately replied.  He definitely was not jumping on the making money wagon.  :0)

Brittany also sold all 12 of her flower pins.  She had a little lesson in perseverance that day.  For the first hour people were rushing by and no one was interested in checking out her pins.  She came in with tears saying it was useless.  Hearing that, Daddy got up a little energy and went out to "help sell at least one pin."  When he ran out of strength, she took over and did well.  I guess she just needed a little "push".  

Carter sold almost all his Cokes, Sprites and waters.  He probably made the most money with the least amount of effort.  The other two had fun helping him out.  

It was a day of many learning experiences for them.  Selling things isn't as easy as just setting the product in front of people.  It takes work.  But it is worth it in the end (at least to two of them.  ;0)  

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