Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Simple Curls........

My daughter loves curly hair.......however her hair is straight.  It does have some wave to it, but not curl.  Recently I saw on pinterest where people were cutting a sock, rolling it, and then rolling a pony tail to create curl.  We tried this 4 different times: dry hair, wet hair, moist hair, and with product.  It never worked for us.  I think her hair was just way to thick.  Then the other day I saw a post where a little girl had these little wound up curls all over her head.  We decided to try it.

Here are the little "towers".  I just divided the hair, twisted it up, then wrapped it around itself, and secured it with a pony tail holder.  This is the next morning after she slept in them.  We also started with dry hair, with just about a penny size of gel spread through her hair.

Another view.  Again, this was after she slept in them.

This was when we took them out.

View from the back.

Last night we tried it with wet hair, and a penny size amount of gel.  It worked even better.  The bonus is she didn't have hardly any tangles at the end of the day.  That is big news for us!!  She loves long hair, but we battle with untangling hair all the time.  So, one hair do, and two plusses, curls, and no tangles.  Yea!!!

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