Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ruffle Purse

Well, with Christmas quickly approaching, and us moving in about 2 weeks, I wanted to get the kids teachers' gifts finished before I needed to pack up my sewing supplies.    This is one of the gifts I finished.  Once again while browsing through pinterest, I saw this great idea.  The great thing is that the bag is part of a three pack from Walmart (if your store still carries craft supplies)for $6, and the fabric I ended up picking up there too.

I bought 1/4 yard of each of these three fabrics.  I didn't even come close to using it all for the one purse. But my intent is to make three purses (each a little different than the other), so I got a little extra.

I cut 4 1/2" X 19" strips for the ruffles.  Then I hemmed the three sides, bottom, left and right.  The top I did not hem because it is going to be stitched onto the purse, and hidden under the other ruffles anyways.

Then I layered the ruffles on the purse (a total of 4) and drew a light pencil line for where I wanted them to end up, being careful to overlap so the seems wouldn't be seen.  I stitched a quick seem on the top of the ruffle, and pulled the thread to cause it to ruffle a little.  Then I pinned and sewed it on the line I had drawn.  I did the back and front separately.  Each with 4 ruffles.  However, when I sewed on the back ruffles, I made sure they lined up and overlapped just a tiny bit, so it looked more like a continual ruffle.

Here are the rosettes I made in contrasting fabrics.

There it is, a ruffle, rosette purse.  Teacher gift number 1, done!


  1. Pretty Purse! I like the flowers you added! I am sure the receivers will be very pleased :)

  2. Sooooooooo pretty! I love anything ruffley...this is fabulous.

  3. Oh my gosh. I want one!!! Love love love

  4. Amazing talent. You're are really talented with threads and needles. Your ideas and creativity is really entertaining to watch and read.

  5. Your cut and sew talent is awesome. Hand embroidery is one of my hobbies and your blogs are really helpful and inspirational. Cheers!

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