Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Farm Felt Finger Puppets with Barn

Here is my newest felt creation.  Farm animals with their own barn.  I decided that since you would have to store your finger puppets somewhere, you might as well make the "storing" part of the fun of playing.

Please meet Mr. Rooster, Baby Chick, Mr. Dog, Mr. Cow, and Miss Piggy.

The bag is the barn.  The top window has a slit through it, so that little fingers can have a "barn stage" for all their important "farmy" stories.

View of the inside of the bag.  You can see the little pocket, which really isn't a pocket, but just a protective layer so that the puppets won't fall out of the window "slit".

Here is the bag, all cinched up.  
All the animals are asleep for the night, tucked away in their barn.

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