Tuesday, October 18, 2011

End of Swimming Lessons

This year the kids were each allowed to chose one sport to play for the year.  We gave them a list of all of them, and let them pick.  As they weighed the pros and cons ("Have I already tried this sport before?", "Do I want to put effort into learning this new sport?", "Does this one sound like fun?" )  they each finally decided on their choice for the year.  Tyler, without much deliberation chose basketball, Brittany and Carter both chose swimming.

As we went to sign Brittany and Carter up for swimming at the YMCA, they told us that there were not enough children to continue on with the time slot that we needed.  We asked them, "How many children are required?"  They said, "three".  Well, we could easily solve that problem!  "If we enrolled our other child, would they give the lessons?"  "Sure", they said.  So, that is how we worked it out.

Tyler was OK once he realized that swimming lessons would not take away from his joining the basketball league.  They all learned a lot, and had great fun, even though they had a substitute for the teacher, and then a substitute for the substitute a couple of times.  :0)

 Lovin' it!

 Comin' up for air.  How quickly can you touch the bottom and shoot back up?

 Holding her breath.

 Can you see me?  I can see you!

Diving practice---which sometimes turned into bellyflop practice!

So, the six week lessons are over.  We'll see, maybe we will be doing this again next year?!