Saturday, October 29, 2011

DIY Hacky Sack

At our house we love to play almost any game that involves a ball.  Playing games with the Hacky Sack is no different.

I posted a pattern that I love for a little crochet ball a little while ago.  But, I wanted to tell you about it again, along with a few games that you can play with it.

Here is the Hacky Sack I made the other night:

 I chose this yarn because we have red dirt around here, and I didn't want it to look filthy all the time.

My dad was kind enough to pose for us.  It kind of gives you an idea of the size of the ball.   

Here is a quick summary of some of the most popular games played with the "foot bag" or "Hacky Sack".

Circle Kick

  • Circle kick is the most widely known Hacky Sack game. Several people stand in a small circle facing each other, and players use their bodies to perform tricks and keep the bag moving between each other without touching the ground. The game involves no points to keep; rather the goal is to keep the bag in play for as long as possible, sharing the ball equally between the players.

Footbag Net

  • Footbag net is a more competitive game, similar to tennis or volleyball, that pits players against each other. Generally played either one on one or between doubles teams, the game requires players to volley the bag over a 5-foot-high net using only their legs or feet. Players serve the bag over the net to start each point and try to prevent the bag from touching the ground. Each time the bag hits the ground on your side, the other team wins a point.


  • Freestyle footbag is a competition sport wherein players win points by performing tricks with the bag on their own body. The ending point of one trick becomes the starting point for the next trick, lending an element of theatricality and choreography to the sport. A panel of judges awards points based on difficulty, originality and execution.


  • Elimination is a game that starts with a large numbers of players. Players bat the ball back and forth with their body until a player drops the ball or knocks it out of play. Every player who fails to keep the hacky sack in play is eliminated, with the circle dwindling in size until only one player is left.

If you would like to read up on the games, rules, etc... a little more here are some helpful websites.

Get those kids out doors and have fun!

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