Friday, September 2, 2011

Pizza Rolls!

If there is any one meal our whole family loves, it is PIZZA!  Whoever thought of that combination of bread, tomato sauce and cheese was brilliant.  Anyways, we are constantly trying new recipes that somehow always come back to those same three ingredients.  Last year I received some coupons for "pizza rolls" in the Sunday paper.  We tried them (because they were cheap with the coupon) and I thought surely we could make these ourselves.  So we tried it.  The kids loved it, and I loved the ease of a simple, non-messy meal.  We eat them warm and cold.  I know some people freak out at the thought of eating cold pizza, but we love it. 

I make the pizza rolls with my favorite pizza dough.  I actually use a pepperoni calzone recipe from Gooseberry Patch for my pizza, calzones, etc...

Roll them out in about 4" circles, add the toppings you want:

Then section by section pull up the sides and tuck them together on the top.

Here it is with all the sides tucked together.

Bake at 350 for 25 min. or so, or whatever your pizza recipe calls for.

Then, eat them hot from the oven, freeze, or do some of each.

 My kids love them in their lunches for school.  Pizza without the mess.


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