Thursday, September 1, 2011


My oldest son has been begging us for a dog for about 5 years now.   As Daddy became disabled, we realized that we were no longer going to be traveling as we had in the past.   When we announced to our children that life would be changing a little, the answer was, "Now we can get a puppy!"  A little coaxing later we agreed.  Now would be a good time for a puppy.  However, they were going to need to wait 'til after we moved.  During those waiting months our new puppy had many different names, Shadow, Bailey, Haagen-Dog, etc.... but when Brittany mentioned Hershey, we all fell in love, and decided that the name could work for a male or female dog, so it would be fine.  Well, the day finally arrived to pick up our new pet, Hershey.  We fashioned our little cardboard box and off we went to pick up our puppy.


The first couple of nights were a little rough (no pun intended).  But we are getting into a little better schedule.  The kids love Hershey, and I have to admit I am quite smitten too (just not quite so excited to have to get up in the night to let him relieve himself). Oh, well....  Welcome to the family Hershey!


  1. Love the name! (Chocoholics always love anything related to that sweet, soothing food...even dogs that are not hot nor edible!) We're glad to hear that the kids are transitioning, and that they have their dream dog as a reality. We're still praying that Carter can learn how to eat a little faster at lunch time. And we're still missing you. But we know God has ENORMOUS plans for your family in the Lone Star State. Have a blessed day!

    Judy (The deliberate non-Facebooker of the Wilcox family)

  2. Does he hunt armaidillos?

  3. Thanks Judy. Yes, we do all love chocolate around here too. Carter has done much better at getting all his food eaten. By the end of last week it was much better. The kids just today were talking about your kids. Brittany said, "I keep forgetting that we can't just walk over to the Wilcox's. I wish they would move to Texas!"

  4. Al and Deb,

    So far he has only been brave enough to hunt bugs......haven't seen any armadillos yet.

  5. He is sweet and adorable, but a little hiper.

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