A Custom-Made Christmas

There is nothing like the joy of giving a gift that you put your heart into creating.  Perhaps you want to give a gift this Christmas that has the personal touch that a handmade custom gift brings.  Or maybe you are just on a budget!  If you sew, craft or just a DIY'er then you can make these gifts.

{Free Christmas Subway Art available from here}


Felt Bookmarks
DIY Safety Pin Bracelet
Spriral T-Shirt Scarf
Magazine Gift Bag


Monster Money Pouches.
Chic Casserole Carriers
Jean Messenger Bag
Ruffle Purses

Stencil Pillow


DIY Glass Etching

Pottery Barn Burlap Frame

The 50-Cent DIY iPad Stand
Homemade Baking Mixes for Kids!
Mixes, Mixes, Mixes!

Felt Finger Puppets

Science Experiment Box

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