Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Fun #2 - Draw with Wire!

For our second summer-fun activity, the kid's drew with wire!  They had a blast drawing their pictures and then transforming them into wire art.

Do you remember a drawing style where you draw a shape on a paper without ever picking up your pencil?  Once the drawing is done, then you color in the different shapes with various colors.  Well, this activity is very similar to that.  Except it is in 3-D!  

Before we get started with the step-by-step, I would suggest that your drawings be very simple.  Our most difficult drawing was probably the puppy drawn by my 8 year-old.  It turned out that he needed quite a bit of help.  The younger your child, the simpler the drawing should be.  :)


24 gauge wire
needle-nose pliers (optional)


1) Draw a picture without picking up your pencil.

2) Lay the wire over your picture and shape it into the creation by using the drawing as your guide.

3) Take a small chunk of clay and mold it into a stand.

4) Place the wire creation into the clay mold.

5) Enjoy your new art creations!!

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