Friday, April 26, 2013

Secret Agent Birthday Party - Free Printables

We were headed into another super hero birthday party. . .  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind super hero birthday parties, but after several of them, the creative juices weren't flowing anymore. :0) Thankfully, we ran across something with a secret agent on it.  My son Carter was enthralled.  Yay!! Secret agent it was!!

Keeping with the theme I created "Top Secret" file invitations.  Their "mission" was glued inside.  This parties mission: to not allow a little boy to celebrate his birthday alone.  (Keep scrolling to download the invitations, a banner, name-tags, and much more).

Secret Agent Badges were waiting for all of the kids as soon as they came in. They carefully put their finger prints on the badges and came up with interesting Agent Code Names.  Basketball champ, Agent black, and Dolphin girl were just a few of them.

When the kids were done making their badges we began our "scavenger hunt".  Basically the hunt was the group following clues to find Carter's three main birthday presents.

The game began by taking turns crawling cautiously through the laser beams (yed yarn).  If they made it through safely they were to pick a black balloon and pop it to find a clue.  Each clue was a riddle that led to the location of the next clue.  As soon as they figured out where they were headed, they all had to hold on to a security rope and follow the clues until they found the present.  I'm not sure who had the most fun, the kids, or the adults watching them as they were trying to decode all the clues.

We had simple treats for this party.  There were cupcakes with secret agent toppers...

... little baby bombs...

... and secret agent water bottles.

Click on the above button to download the free printables.

I think this Birthday Party was a mission accomplished!! 

Happy 8th Birthday Carter!!

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