Friday, March 8, 2013

Burlap Table Runner

I just love all this burlap we are seeing everywhere!  The outdoors are so invigorating, and it seems that adding burlap to our decorating somehow brings a little of the life from the outdoors into our homes.

Since our tables are a place we congregate together often, I thought a table runner would be a perfect way to use some of my burlap.  So, here is a quick and easy way to add some texture to your home.

This table runner can easily be made whatever length or width you would like for your table.  Our table is square, so this pattern is for the length and width of our table.  If yours is oblong or rectangular, you may want to make your strips a little longer.

First you are going to take your burlap and cut 6 strips 2" x 26".  Then you are going to cut 13 strips that are 2"x 12".  You only need these strips to assemble your runner.  (If you want your runner longer you are going to lengthen the second number in the first set of strips, and cut more of your second set of strips.  If you want the runner wider you are going to cut more of your first set of strips, and lengthen your second number of your second set of strips. )   My finished size is 12" wide by 26" long.

Now to begin the weaving process.  Lay out your long strips side by side.  You may want to put a heavy object on the end of the strips to keep them in place.  Take your first short strip (2"x 12") and weave it, starting at the top, over the first piece, under the second, over the third, under the fourth, alternating until you reach the end.

Secure the strips in place with little spots of hot glue.  Note: The back of your runner may show a little of the hot glue here and there.  Now take the second strip and begin under the first, over the second, alternating to the end.  You are going to continue alternating each short strip until you arrive at the end of your long strip.

When you have finished weaving them all, and secured them appropriately where needed with hot glue, you are done!

I added a little extra interest to mine, that you don't necessarily have to do.  I took the finished runner to the sewing machine and sewed a simple red stitch around the perimeter.  If you don't sew you could draw a line with a sharpie, or use a thin ribbon with an iron on medium.  Or you can just leave it the way it is!

Now, you too can have a little of the outdoors, indoors!

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