Monday, December 3, 2012

Science Experiment Box

Kids may not always like science, but it is hard to find a child who doesn't like science experiments.  It is so much fun to watch things explode, grow, bubble, and change forms!  Especially when you were the one who made it happen.  Not too long ago I came across this pin on pinterest and decided it would be the perfect Christmas gift for one of my nephews.  

I picked out 10 of the science projects and put together a baggie of supplies for each one.

To make the gift look more professional I created these printables.  You are welcome to use them if you'd like.    

Next came the Science notebook.  I found a black notebook in my "stash", labeled it, and glued in the instructions for each experiment.

It took me a little while to come up with a good solution for the science box.  My first idea was to wrap it so that it would be re-usable, but that was a disaster.  The final solution?   Spray paint the box black!
I think it turned out great, and I hope he's had fun with his "experiment" gift!

Happy Exploding!!

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