Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Festival in Texas

Outdoor iceskating in Texas!?

We have really enjoyed living in our little Forney, TX.  It is hard to believe that at the end of this month we will have lived here for a full year.  Being that Forney is a smaller city we have enjoyed the different activities they have put together for the community.  This past Saturday we were able to take part in their Christmas Festival.   We had a great time! 

One of the churches in the city had a booth loaded with "sugars" of many different flavors.  The kids each loaded up a little tube, and enjoyed eating that throughout the afternoon.

Indeed, another highlight was the opportunity to ice skate on their make-shift ice skating rink.  I believe this was the first time any of them had ice skated!  I'm still not sure where they got the ice.  :)

See the determination in those eyes?  He was actually jumping and trying to do little spins by the end of their time.  :0)

It's not too often you see ice skaters in short sleeves.  It actually got up to 78 degrees that afternoon. :0) 

Since all of the activities were free of charge, the lines were quite long for some of them.  Jumping on this trampoline was worth the long wait.  Once they finally got their turn, they jumped and flipped to their hearts content.

The Festival was a great way to start out the Christmas season......even though it felt like a wonderful summer day!