Friday, October 19, 2012

Turn a Picture Frame into a Serving Tray

The corner of the kitchen where the coffee pot sits needed a little love.  There are some nice trays for sale that would have fit the bill but who wants to spend money when you can DIY?  I saw this idea from Lemon Tree on Pinterest and I loved it.  We had a picture frame that was not being used, so we replaced the photo and matting with scrapbook paper.  Next we drilled holes and added some brushed nickel handles.  

Here is the area before...

.... and now after.  It transforms the area from "random items sitting on a counter" to a place which brings everything together with style.

We spent a couple of bucks on some transparent silicone and sealed the inside edges around the glass in order to protect the paper from spills.

The frame was nice and sturdy so the handles hold very well.  For extra counter protection we stuck some felt pads over the screw heads on the bottom.  There you have it!  A repurposed picture frame into a chic serving tray.

New to Redfly? Many more Creations to come!

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