Thursday, September 6, 2012

Momento Frame

There are many options for displaying your memories.  Peg boards, magnetic boards, shelves, and tag boards are just some of them.  For her birthday this summer, my daughter wanted her room re-decorated.  We found an inspiration room, and set out to recreate it with our own special touches.  In the end, we had one very large blank wall that needed some attention, thus was born the momento frame.

I picked up the large picture frame at our local second hand store for about $4.  We took out the painting and the glass and painted it the same blue as the other accents in her room.

First, we marked every 4 inches at the spots where we wanted to attach the wire.


Next, we cut the wire about 2" longer than the frame so that it would be easier to grab in order to pull tight when we stapled it down.

We stapled the first side securely, then pulled the wire taut and stapled it on the other end.  

Now all her honors, pictures, drawings and poems have a place to be displayed; and there is no longer a big blank wall.  :0)