Monday, September 24, 2012

A First Grader's View on Classroom Rules!

Last year my first grade son came home with this paper in tow.  He had worked hard to create a list of classroom rules.  Every time I think of this list of rules it brings a smile to my face.  So I decided to share a little humor with you today.

Just to give you a little background of where he's coming from, he is my fun-loving, joking, super hero-wanna-be son.

Check out what he thinks the classroom rules should be:

Just in case you can't read it:

1. Don't pull people's hair.
2. Don't pull people's teeth out on purpose.
3. Don't eat other's food.
4. Don't kick others.
5. Don't slap others.
6. Don't poke others.
7. Don't glue others to a chair.
8. Don't staple others to a chair.
9. Don't tape people.
10. Don't push people.
11. Don't tape their eyes shut.
12. Don't steal others toys.
13.  Don't poke people in the eye.

Whew!  I think I would feel very safe in his classroom.  Gotta love his wonderful imagination!

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  1. While I think it's a good rule, I'm curious as to how one could staple someone to a chair?

    1. Good question Steve! No matter how it may get sounds painful! :0)

    2. Wow! He must be a bundle of energy!!! and he must have thought of doing some of these prohibited behaviors to have come up with them.LOL

      Your cuz, Darlene

  2. We JUST talked about civics in Tching Elem SS this AM and the idea of having the kids write the classroom rules. May I show this to the class? They will love it.

  3. You sure may! Glad you can have a live illustration. :0)

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