Monday, August 20, 2012

Encouraging a Young Author or Artist

I have a daughter who loves to write.  She has started many books, written little cartoons, and tells "little boy and girl" stories often to her two brothers.  The challenge, however, is getting her to complete her work.  Stories seem to keep coming to her mind, and she constantly is starting a new book.  In order to challenge her to finish at least one of them I decided to do a little research of places where a child can publish their stories.  Here are some online magazines that I came across that have been around for quite a while and seem to be very well put together.  The challenge?  Finish one of your stories, and we'll submit it to one the these magazines!

Stone Soup Magazine  This magazine consists of stories, poems, and art by children 8 to 13.  There is a sample issue that you can look at on their main page, and they even have a place where you can purchase some of the art prints made by various children.  The magazine was established in 1973 and is mainly for the English-speaking world.

Skipping Stones Volume 15, No. 4

Skipping Stones Magazine was founded in 1988 and is an international, multicultural magazine.  This magazine welcomes art and writings in every language and from all ages.  

Creative Kids Magazine is a magazine for children 8-16 to submit their writings and art.  There are several stories available to read and a blog you can check out as well.

Let's say she has finished her story, and we're ready to mail it in, now what?  Here is a post I came across that gives all the practical ins and outs of mailing your child's work.  Mailing a children's book manuscript postal submissions tips.

We'll let you know when ours is in the mail!!  How about you?  Know a young author or artist you can encourage?

P.S.  If you are really curious and would like to read some of her stories you can check them out on her blog 10&Growing.