Monday, April 9, 2012

Carter's Angry Birds Birthday

We pulled it off!  We had cousins coming through our area so we pulled together a birthday party in 2 days.  I had planned on using all these cute printables that I rounded up.........then I found out we were out of ink.  ;0(   It was time to get busy and create it all from scratch.

The first thing I made was a bean bag toss game.  We had many boxes on hand from having moved at the beginning of the year, so the base of the game was not hard to find.  Then I cut out holes, and drew the pigs from angry birds around them.  Since our kids still had school on Friday and the cousins did not, I put them to work coloring the bean bag toss game.

Here are the little bean bag angry birds I made to toss through the holes..........they do look angry don't they?

Then I got busy drawing angry birds, cutting circles and triangles for the banner.  I was glad to see that the script print that angry birds used was simple.  That sure saved some time.

Years ago, an elderly lady in a church we pastored in California, decided that she was going to instill all her cake decorating knowledge onto me.  A few months later, at my daughter's first birthday (she is now 10), was the last time I had tried working with fondant.  I really didn't like the flavor of the fondant, and others seemed to not really enjoy it either.

Having seen so many cute cakes made with fondant, my sister-in-law and I were interested in trying it again, so we went in search of a "good tasting" fondant recipe.  The recipe we settled on was supposed to taste like butter cream frosting, but have the consistency of fondant.  It tasted pretty good, but you had to move quickly, because the fondant became "melty" very quickly.  I might have to keep looking for something else.

Here is the cake and cupcakes with the fondant icing.  It was a little like playing with play dough.  Actually kind of fun!

We also came up with this fun little game with cups and pom poms.  My niece decorated the cups and made the little monkey faces.  My sister-in-law whipped up the pom poms.

I think I could have come up with better faces for the birds, but by this time, I was getting tired.  :0\

All in all, it was a great party............we all had fun...........and Carter loved it!

Happy Birthday Carter!!!!

Keeping It Simple 


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