Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Break Staycation!

Well, this year we are staying home for our Spring Break.  I decided that in order to keep things rolling and fun I would dedicate days to specific events.  Here's a guide-only a guide- to what we will be doing this Spring Break.


Fri night--pizza and movie night---our typical Fri. night activity

Sat. -- free admission at Dallas Museum of Art/ Build and Grow Clinic at Lowes and Craft activity at Michaels.  We may do one or all, depends on how the day goes.  ;0)

Sun- Church and take the kids to use their free Sonic coupons they earned a while ago at school and make a home movie.

Mon- Craft day!  I found lots of crafts on the Family Fun website that are pretty easy for them to do.  We may incorporate some harder crafts too---we'll see.

Tues--Cooking day!  The kids are going to cook all three meals.  They really won't be difficult, but still fun for them to do.

Wed.--Parks and ponds day.  We have a couple of parks here in our neighborhood and at least one pond. I figured we'd make our rounds to all of them, and have a picnic lunch.  We do live in Texas---and the weather has been very nice.  Sleepover with friends is that night too!

Thurs. ---Water day!  Water balloons, water guns, etc....  a day outside with plenty of water fun.

Friday--PJ's and movie day.  We're gonna spend the day in our pajamas and watch movies----all day---or as long as mommy can last. ;0)

Sat. ---Pick up Grandma and Grandpa from airport day!  That says it all.

Sun.-- Church and possible video game tournament day.

So there it is......our Spring Break all spelled out.  I also have a few alternative activities up my sleeve, like lego day, put on a play day, and others.

How about you?  What are your Spring Break plans?