Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Candy Drawer

As kids we loved going to our Grandma and Grandpa's house.  They lived on a farm, and we had so much fun running around, what seemed to us, their limitless yard.  There were so many things we loved about visiting them.  Some of the fun things changed as we got older, but there was one thing that stood the test of time: The Candy Drawer!

As a child we would lean over in awe as an adult would hold us up to the drawer.   We would carefully pick out a piece as we knew this would probably be it for the day.  We got smarter as we grew older.  In order to take our time picking out the perfect piece of chocolate or hard candy, we learned to scoot up a chair ourselves, and not bother an adult to help us.  Then in our teen years we would shout to each other in the other room, knowing a cousin or sibling was headed to the candy drawer, "Hey, throw me a snickers!" or whatever our favorite would be at that moment. The cycle started all over again when we became adults ourselves and were holding our own children over the drawer with awe in their eyes, as they tried to decide on that one piece of candy.

Because of the wonderful memories all 8 of us cousins had of that candy drawer, I wasn't surprised when we began sharing about how we each had our own "candy drawers".  Each family's was a little different, and probably with different rules, but nevertheless we all wanted to carry on the tradition.

Since the move, our candy had been in a box.  Boring, right?  So, we needed to pick out a new candy drawer.  After a little rearranging, I finally settled on one.   FYI : The center drawer in the middle of the kitchen. Perfect.

I used a sock organizer that I wasn't needing.  It really worked well to create divisions for the candies.

If you are ever here visiting feel free to stop by and pick something out, but keep your ears sharp and your head low, 'cause everyone seems to know when you're headed for candy and you never know when you'll hear a "Hey, throw me one would you?" or see a piece flying through the air to it's joyful recipient.


  1. How fun! However I don't think that would have ever worked in our family. We'd need a lock on the drawer! haha

  2. What lovely memories and a wonderful candy drawer! :D

  3. A candy drawer - now that's a great idea!

  4. Love this!

    Natasha xx

  5. This is a great idea! I'm in the process of potty training two right now, I bet this just might work! =)

  6. Love this! My grandparents had a candy drawer, too! I can always remember running to the drawer right when I got to their house for a visit so I could scope out my pick for the day. Thanks for bringing that memory back for me!

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