Friday, February 24, 2012

$2 DIY Glass Hurricanes

Once again I was inspired by a picture I saw.  This time it was of a glass hurricane that someone had made themselves.  About a month later I was walking through the Dollar Tree store (looking for beads for my laundry room chandelier---post coming soon!)  and I saw their shelf of candles and candle stick holders.

Immediately that picture came back to my mind.  I could make that glass hurricane for $2!  It would sit perfectly on our shelves in the living room.  They are completely empty right now just waiting for the perfect accents.  I was so excited, I grabbed enough to make a couple, then I put half of them back, then I grabbed them again -this is  how I always shop!- then I finally grabbed one of each candle holder to test it out.  Whew!

Here's how it went together.

These are the two candle holders you need to buy.  One of each.

Next put super glue on the top of the skinny candle holder.  As you can see in this picture, I placed the top candle holder on a little crooked.  Word to the wise: turn the top candle holder upside down.  Then put the skinny candle holder in the center............a lot easier to eyeball, and it will save you trying to do it 5 times like I did.

And that's it!!  A two simple step process!

I also purchased a bag of river rocks right there at the dollar tree.  They fit in perfectly with our neutral theme in our living room.  Then I saw a bag of moss when I was walking around and decided that would add some nice texture too, so I picked that up as well.

Here it is with the moss and the stones.  I think I like this the best.  

I also had my eye on a taller candle holder that would be really pretty glued onto the skinny candle holder and filled with lemons or apples to sit on a buffet or table.  We don't have a buffet yet, so that project will have to wait.  The possibilities are endless.  What fun and what a great deal for $2!

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