Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pots & Pans, and Knives, oh my!!!

I love organization!  Having moved over 20 times in my life (9 of those in our 12 years of marriage) I've come to realize that organization doesn't look exactly alike in each house.  Each place has it's own challenges.  The home we have just moved into is by far the most spacious.  So, I am enjoying organizing things a little more aesthetically, rather than just for the sake of making more space.

Organizing my home usually comes in stages.  As we move into our new home, I generally start with simply, get it into the right room and off the floors!  Then slowly I begin to rearrange, with the freedom to change it again if this isn't convenient.  Organization for me has to be practical as well as pretty.  I would even tend to leave the pretty part out (I know some of you are gasping) in order to have the practical.  I don't like having to lift up 10 items in order to get the one thing I want.  

All that being said, every once in a while I am able to set up a system that I love, right off the bat.  Here are two that we were able to accomplish this past week.  It was also possible because we don't live too far from Ikea.  I love that store!!!

 As you probably can tell from the picture, this is on the wall of my pantry.  The two bars I purchased for 2.99 each at Ikea.  The S-hooks were in a package for .99.  So $7 total for the whole thing.  Not bad!  The bars probably could have been a little close together, but I like lots of breathing room.  ;0)

Here you can see that the lids fit just right behind the bar.  The s-hooks give me the room for both the pots & pans and the lids.

 A little closer view.  I love it.  It looks nice, it is very easy to access, and it frees up space for other items.

My next favorite Kitchen organization item is the knife rack.  Whoever thought up this idea was genius.  The rack keeps the knives right there handy, and it frees up precious drawer space.

When I first purchased this knife rack years ago, I had quite a time trying to find one.  Now days you can find them everywhere.  Ikea even has them in a variety of colors.

So, there you have it.  Two projects down, and about 1,000 to go!!!

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