Saturday, January 21, 2012

Flower Power

I'm not exactly sure what people mean by the above phrase, but I know that in decorating flowers do give a certain "power" to the overall look.

Since we have moved closer to Dallas, we are now only 15 min. from an Aldi.  I am loving it.  I get excited every time I go in there, and thank the Lord that I have the opportunity to live close to one.  (The Dallas area is the only area in Texas that have Aldi stores.)  I know it may seem like a very trivial thing, and I would have agreed with you about 7 months ago, but having not had one for a while, I have learned to greatly appreciate it now.

So all that to say, I am really enjoying the fresh flowers from Aldi as well.  Especially the roses....

You really can't beat $3.99 for at least a week of fresh beauty.

Every time I move them from the table to set it for a meal, I "stop and smell the roses".  What is the phrase: "simple minds, simple pleasures"?  Definitely a pleasure for me.

So the next time you're at Aldi, stop and take a look, there just might be "flower power" there for you too.