Friday, October 21, 2011

Dog house for.....

We have so much enjoyed having our little Hershey.  He does have plenty of energy, so every once in a while the kids grimace when I say, "Hershey would love to play with you a little,"  because they know that he is still learning not to jump, or nip, and they have to individually teach him to obey them.  But, all in all, he is great fun, and we all think, just adorable.

The boys were super excited when this dog house arrived from Sam's and they saw that it needed put together.  Daddy hadn't been doing too well physically lately, so grandpa stopped by to help get it done.

My little builders.  Helping Grandpa put the house together.

Brittany's turn...

 Who's this house for?  Carter?


Nope, Hershey!

*I have been trying for a couple of weeks to get a picture of Hershey in his dog house.  Every time I open the back door, or approach around the corner of the house he jumps out of his dog house.  Come on already, just relax in there so I can get a picture!  So I guess this picture will have to do.

I guess that's life around here, none of it is perfect, but we're thankful for it anyway.  ;0)