Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Aldi, stock up?

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Ok, question here for all of you that shop at Aldi.  What if you could only go to an Aldi once every two-three months, what would you stock up on?

I'm finding myself in this predicament, and wondering what would be the best use of my money, and space in my trunk.

Just for your info, I have no stores here that double coupons, so my best deals have been regular prices at Walmart with a coupon.

Thanks for your help,



  1. I love to shop at Aldi's but unfortunately do not make the 45 min. trip very often unless I can combine the trip with an appt.
    I would stock up on baking staples! Be sure to check out the seasonal items like baking cocoa and other things that will disappear. Our family also enjoys the pasta and the stuffing mixes. We have found that the frozen raspberries make excellent Jam and is comparable by pennies to Walmart.
    What do you stock up on?

  2. Thanks Tracey. I was thinking of baking supplies too! I was also wondering about canned goods, beans and such, but wasn't too sure how much I'd actually be saving. Seasonal items is a good idea. I hadn't even thought of that. Thanks for your input. I head out tomorrow morning, so I'd better make my list.

  3. I love Aldi. We've been shopping there for the past 3 yrs and we buy the majority of our groceries there. If we couldn't go there all the time, we would probably stock up on meat for our freezer.

  4. I love it too, Jeri. Now I just have to get used to living 2 1/2 hours away from it. Meat is a good idea.

  5. Just got back from Aldi. I ended up saving over $78 by purchasing things there and not Walmart. Mostly I got baking goods, but they had their 90/10 hamburger on sale and I got about 15lbs for just over $20! I was so excited. Here at Walmart, my cheapest store, it is over $4.00 a lb.