Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crayon Roll

How many times have you quickly caught your child as they jump from the pew, racing after a lost crayon or pencil that's rolling under the pew in front of you?  I don't think I can even count the times.  So, when I saw this pattern I was excited.  No more rolling crayons--or at least not as many.

Another one of my "organizational quirks" is "a place for everything, everything needs it's place."  This solved that need too.  Each crayon had it's place.  Genius!  Here are some of the ones I have made:

For my puppy lover

The back:

All rolled up

The other two

My daughter added her twistable crayons with the others.  Guess one needs a little variety in crayons. 

So, here's the link to the tutorial I followed. 
 I used flannel for the back and quilting fabric for the front pockets.

Have fun!!