Saturday, June 1, 2013

Google+ Blog Hop

Today I have the opportunity to co-host a Google + Blog Hop with Jenny from NY Melrose Family.  If you are new to Google+ you'll have to check out all her wonderful tutorial posts and videos.

All right Jenny, take it away:

Welcome to the Google+ Blog Hop for June!
G+ Blog Hop Button June
Are you ready to expand your circles and find some amazingly talented crafters, foodies, techies, and diyers? I know I am! If you're new to G+ and need some quick tips, make sure to check out my 8 Tips to Maximize your Google+ Presence. Make the most of what you're doing! You can also find the perfect tips for the beginner to the advanced G+ user in my Conquering Google+ article.
If you're more of a visual learner check out the Google+ Series for DIYers, which include setting up your G+ profile and Growing your G+ Circles.

To join this G+ blog hop, link up your Google+ profile page URL (NOT your blog's homepage). For the "name" section, use your name or your blog's/website's name. Use your personal photo or your blog's/website's button/logo for the thumbnail picture.

Important note: If you have problems linking up your profile page, try linking the "about" section of your profile page instead of the "posts" section. Also, problems loading a thumbnail picture usually can be solved by loading the picture directly from your computer instead of your G+ page.
Please join us and our co-hosts as we support and connect with each
other on this growing social network.



We would appreciate it if you would follow the hosts and co-hosts of this blog hop (add them to your circles). Their G+ profiles are the first five links.

This blog hop is only for G+ pages...please do not link up your blog's url. We encourage the sharing of your personal, blog or business' G+ (profile) page. After you link up your G+ profile page, please visit some of the other profiles that are linked up and add them to your circles. We want you to help your fellow bloggers' G+ page grow! Please share the party on your social media platforms. The more the merrier!


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