Monday, January 7, 2013

Pack a Laugh in Your Child's Lunch! - Free Joke Printables

Kids love to tell jokes!  I actually used this love of joke telling to my advantage years ago when I was student teaching.  If the class (3rd grade) lined-up quickly and quietly, or followed any other directions well, I would read them a joke from a joke book.  They loved this reward, but soon they began to beg to tell their own jokes.   I quickly learned that a third-grader's view of funny was not exactly my view of funny.  The kids would laugh and laugh at some jokes that, till this day, make no sense at all.  Hey, they sure did a good job at following directions though!  :0)

Keeping this in mind, one of my favorite treats to send with my kids are lunch bag jokes. Here are a couple that I have put together about animals.

  Feel free to download them here if you'd like to use them yourself.

Have fun!!

p.s. Don't worry, the answers are on the second page, to be printed out on the back.  :0)

New to Redfly?  Many more creations to come!

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