Friday, November 23, 2012

Felt Bookmarks

This year I am encouraging my kiddos to make Christmas gifts for their friends and family.  I spent an hour or so with each kid several weeks ago and helped them decide on a list of gifts that were within their crafting level.  This book mark is one of the gifts my daughter (11yrs.) decided to make for her cousins.

We started out by cutting two 2 1/2" diameter circles out of felt.  Then we cut out the letter and decorations out of felt as well.  The font we used is called Hobo Std.  If you would like a pattern you can print it out here.  We also put just a tiny bit of stuffing in between the two felt circles to make them just a little "poofy".  We sewed them together with embroidery thread, and also sewed on the letters and embellishments with embroidery thread.

I searched all over for stretchy lace-like elastic.  I finally found some at Joann's, but it was not really the width I wanted.  When I was at Walmart one day I ran across these headbands and decided they worked perfectly.  I picked up a pack of three for about $3.

Stitch the circles onto the headbands at the seam, and there you go.  Easy, cute, personalized bookmarks.

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  1. So cute!! I love felt!! These would be such fun stocking stuffers! Thanks for sharing!
    Kim ~ Simply Living

  2. It's cute bookmarks like these that have made me have to buy an entire case just so I can manage bookmarks! I think it's safe to say I have far more bookmarks than I could ever possibly need... considering that, well, you really only need one! Or two or three if you're a really hardcore reader, I suppose.

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