Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bedroom Remodel Update

We got another phase of the bedroom remodel done!  We accomplished this by making our own photo art.

If you have been following Redfly then you know that I have been remodeling our master bedroom slowly but surely over the past few months.  First, was the sneak peek about the stenciled wall:

You may view that post here.

Next, came the challenging reupholstery project...

This project was a learning experience.

Well, the bedroom is not quite done.  I still have to make my own headboard and add a few finishing touches.  Today I am excited to show you the prints we had made.  I think they are the perfect final touch to our stenciled wall.  Here are some pictures of the finished wall:

The framed roses we used are each 16x20.  We got the prints done through the mail at  We have found to be much more professional and better quality than most other websites like Kodak, Shutterfly, etc.  They turned out great.  The large prints were $20 each.  The frames were purchased at The Garden Ridge.  I think they were a little under $12 a piece.



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