Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Freezer/ Bulk Cooking Day

Monday as I ran around doing my grocery shopping, and getting familiarized with all the new stores in the area (it took me about 6 hours!), I came across a couple of good deals.  So, yesterday was the day to turn those good deals into food our family loves.

Here are all the goodies..........

Apples for applesauce.

 8 lbs. of Strawberries for strawberry freezer jam and shortcake for supper.

About 15 pounds of Chicken breasts to be divided and cut into tenderloins.  
They cook up so much faster that way!

About 20 lbs. of Hamburger to be browned, shaped into patties, and made into meatloaf.

I started at about 8:30 and was pouring the last of the jam into the jars at 4:00.  Take a half hour out of that to walk to pick up the kids from school.  All in all, it wasn't too bad.

Started out the morning by putting the apples on to cook.  I left them cooking most of the morning.

 Then I browned the meat...

...made hamburger Patties......... enough for 4 meals...

 and whipped up two meatloaves.....two meals.

Here are the results:

Browned hamburger.

 Chicken cut into tenderloins and divided into meal sized portions.

I'll show you how I make my own applesauce on a post coming soon.

And finally, the Jam! Whew!
You can find my quick and easy recipe here.

I just love the bright red color!

It's a wrap!  Now............ time to clean up the kitchen.  ;0(